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Hot Spring Area

Sports and town's town

  • Many sports facilities are enriched around the northern part of the spa town.
    Why do not you refresh your mind and body before your stay, after staying?
  • Golf

    Yunogokan are five golf courses that are easy to access from Yunogokan.Please enjoy golf, hot springs and meals.
    ※For inquiries about play please contact each club directly.

Modern toys·Music Box Dream House

  • About 600 items of toys that appeared after the 1950s were exhibited in the facility.There is also a play room.
    In addition, we exhibit music boxes and karakuri dolls over 100 years ago and perform concerts everyday.
    Atelier (Building No. 2) can do much work.

    location, Yunogo, Mimasaka City 319-2
    Opening hours, 9:30 to 17
    Admission fee, Adult ¥ 700, Child 300 yen
    Happy holidays, Wednesday (holidays, spring and summer winter holiday are closed without break)
    Inquiry, 0868-72-0003

The toy hall Showakan that day

  • In the retro-style facility, exhibits of living supplies, tin toys, magazines, etc. from the early Showa period.
    A space like a time slip can be enjoyed by both adults and children.

    location, Yunogo, Mimasaka City 557-1
    Opening hours, 9:30 to 18
    Admission fee, Adult 400 yen, Child 150 yen
    Days off, Wednesday
    Inquiry, 080-6218-4349

Tetsudou model building & retro toy museum

  • A huge N-gauge railroad diorama is exhibited.You can also enjoy rental driving.In addition, collections such as Plarail Corner, Plastic model and Figures, which can enjoy small children, are enriched, too.

    location, Yunogo, Mimasaka City 312
    Opening hours, 9:30 to 17
    Admission fee, Adult(s)(Middle school student)400 yen, Elementary school student ¥ 200, Elementary school student free of charge
    Happy holiday, Wednesday (if national holiday n, next day)
    Inquiry, 0868-72-0061