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Yunogokan's specialty dish "Unkai-nabe"

  • Yunogokan, Cooking advisor Medal Cooking person Tadamichi Ota

    【Tadamichi Ota】

    After Arima Grand Hotel deputy chief chef (23 years old), Boyo Ende chef Chef in the middle, 2002 (Heisei Era 14) "Four colors of seasons"Tadamichi Ota cuisine cooking dojo is presided, "feast school officials", "heavenly inn and innermost paths" run.
    ◇A hotel·Chief chef 's network of restaurants "Chairman of the whole country and heavenly whole world"
    ◇Japan Ryokan Association Japanese Cooking Advisor
    ◇Hyogo Prefecture Japan Cooking Skill Society President
    ◇Vice Chairman of Cooking Association of Japan

  • Aiming for customers to be satisfied with cooking.

    Yunogokan's cuisine is mainly for local ingredients, it is a Yunogokan seasonal cuisine using seasonal ingredients for different seasons.

    Okayama Prefecture, Niimi City Chiya Beef, Misaki-cho, "Misaki Himeushi", Tsuyama City Tsuyama Kurobuta, such as Mimasaka City Sakushu Guro beans", use plenty of local ingredients.

    Yunogo sea ​​of Unkai-nabe cuisine cooked, devised in the autumn specialty of cloud sea of Yunogo Onsen, is a specialty of Yunogokan.

  • Half-day room restaurant, Syokusai-an Honoka", "Kiyonori Chaya"

    We will prepare meals in semi-private rooms dining restaurant Syokusai-an Honoka", "Kiyomiro chaya", or a meal venue for both dinner and breakfast.

    Besides that, for group customers, large and small banquet halls.For children with small children, such as babies, we will prepare dinner rooms in private rooms.

    As there are limitations on the number, we may not be able to respond to your request.Please note.