Eleven consecutive years Top 100 Ryokans Cuisine Category Voted by Industry Professionals"Top 100 Ryokans Cuisine Category Voted by Industry Professionals"


Country cuisine where you can enjoy cuisine produced by Tetsuo Tadamichi Ota production casual casual wear

Enjoy the seasonal ingredients that you can taste with the changing seasons of Japan.
While feeling the outside air with a spacious outdoor bath, easy to heal your body with hot springs that spring up.

Yunogokan is
It is an inn that you can spend relaxing with ease of casual wear without paying shoulder streaks.

It is the thought of founder Seijiro Yasuhiro
"Accommodation where you walk along with your life"
I will inherit the mind,
I am aiming for a lodging that can become a second hometown where I can return all the time.

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Yunogokan, Recommended points

  • POINT 1, Kaiseki cuisine inherited from the Iron Man

    ~Order chef 'Tadamichi Ota'Tadamichi Ota as a culinary advisor~

    Yunogokan is always pleasing to our customers at Yunogokan.Top 100 Hotels & Ryokans in Japan Voted by Industry Professionals, Cuisine Section for 11 consecutive years from 2008.
    Please enjoy various kaiseki cuisine using seasonal ingredients every season.
    The chief chef of the hotel, Kunihiro Motomune received the silver prize at the 28th Ability Grand Prix in Japanese Cuisine Section.
  • POINT 2, 1200 years ago, famous hot spring derived from Legend of Shirasagi

    ~Famous Hot Spring Shirasagi-no-yu~

    1200 years ago, Ennin Hoshi led to the Yakushi Nyorai Ennin Hoshi is, from the legend that found the egrets to heal the wound in the gushing hot water, some history is called the alias Sagi-no-yu tisane.
    Please enjoy a spacious public bath and an outdoor bath that feels the four seasons.
  • POINT 3, rustic hospitality in a country house

    ~A hotel where you can have a relationship for more than a lifetime~

    As a hotel where you can Seijiro Yasuhiro the feelings of the founder, Seijiro Yasuhiro, and have a "more than a lifetime meeting",
    As you came back to a country house, feel free to visit casual clothes and spend relaxingly.
    I will aim for such a hotel.

Many Special Advantages Support babies, children and maternity travel!

  • Baby take with you【8 Benefits】

    ① Baby free! 0 Yen
    ② Private outdoor bath·Free service
    ③ We will prepare a specialized private room meal room.
    ④ Cancellation charge free until the previous day!
    ⑤ Allergy, Not suitable for food ingredients
    ⑥ Various baby goods prepared
     ※Disposable diaper※Baby apron※Commercially available baby food※Baby soap※Swab
    ⑦ Preparation of baby exclusive recycle bin
    ⑧ You can prepare your futon from check-in
  • Supporting with children traveling【4 Special Advantages】

    ① Private outdoor bath·Free service
    ② Children's fee fixed (4000 yen for 50%, 3000 yen for 30%, days earned even on holidays do not change. )
    ③ DVD player loan OK
    ④ Yukata for children·Slippers Available
  • Maternity travel support【6 Benefits】

    ① Private outdoor bath·Free service
    ② Priority reservation for Private Room Restaurant Honoka, a Private Room Restaurant Honoka (chair table)
    ③ Cancellation charge free until the previous day!
    ④ Allergies, Not suitable for food ingredients
    ⑤ prepared a holding pillow
    ⑥ Prepare your futon from check-in

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